Aya Tea

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We are excited to bring to you a revolutionary weight loss product called Aya Tea. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have had excellent results on our 5 day weight loss program. 
Does it work?
Yes. Ayatea a has proved over and over again that it's all natural ingredients have produced some jaw dropping results.
What does it taste like?
Ayatea come in 5 different flavors.
What's in it?
Aya Tea is a natural green tea containing two herbs and flavor.
Will it make me go to the restroom?
Ayatea is not a digestive track detox or cleanse.
How much do you have to drink?
You only drink 24oz of Ayatea over a 4.5 hours period.
Do I have to change my diet?
No, you have food restrictions. No, breads, fried or greasy foods, no sugar not even fruit and drink only 24oz of water for the day.
How long those it take for me to receive it?
It usually takes 5 to 7 days.
Consult with your physician before taking any dietary supplement.